Dv888 Sanding Help


I want to sand the rims on my dv888, and i dont want to polish it. How do i sand them? Do i HAVE to put it on a drill, or can i just sand it without it spinning?

Thanks for the help


You can sand them w/o spinning, but spinning it will make it a lot easier and more uniform. Regardless if you polish or not use wet/dry paper wet and move up in grit size from say 150 to 300 or 600.


Will sanding it without it spinning get some scratches/dings out?


Yes, you can do it that way. It just takes more work.


yes it could I did that with my genesis when I got it back after it was stolen (not getting into that)
and it got rid of the dings
I would preferably sand it without it spinning :slight_smile: