DV888 review

I have a tan DV888 and it is awesome!!!

It has a very smooth and long spin. I threw it down and about a minute and 10 seconds later it died :slight_smile:

                     DV888 Specs:

diameter…1.97 inches
width…1.6 inches
response…YoYoFactory K-Pad
weight…66 grams

 pros: It feels just right in my hand. It is all metal and does not ding easily. Like I said before, it has a very smooth spin. It is great for thumb grinds and arm grinds :D

 cons: There is a little hole in each side where the axle is and I do not know what it is for ??? There is no writing on the side like in the video. There is no cons when playing with it though, or so I think.
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nice review. It has holes on the sides simply because it doesnt have axles (like paris hilton without designer fashion.) And the ones w/ writing on the side dont feature that sweet yyf logo on the sides

Aren’t the little holes used in case you want to stack it?

It’s not recommended to stack DV888s, the little hole is where the axle screws into the side of the yoyo.

Nice review!

Happy Throwing! =]

sweet reveiw… im a fan of the dv888 myself.

What I am saying is that if people wanted to stack it, yoyofactory was kind enough to give them that option. :slight_smile:

It only spins for 1 min?
My dark magic spins for 2:15 when i got it.

It’ll depend on your throw.

Yeah, the holes are for the stacks. Like the Axiom.

Neither the DV888 or the Axiom were made for stacks. You can hubstack them, but it may affect the play of the yo-yo, since they weren’t meant to have hubstacks.

Yes I agree that the yoyo is good but the holes are for hubstacked but I wouldn’t recommend of you do not use them a lot because the sleep time shrinks a little bit

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