(*dv888*) #1

this yo yo is a fairly small yo yo but don’t judge it by its size no no its a really good yo yo at a reasonable price.this is my first metal yo yo but i do have a little tilting problem but that is most likely me i am sure. it has a fairly wide gap and is okay at gyroscopic flops but normally dies out at three or for but then again i don’t have a great throw ether but is good at most tricks and some combos.when you throw it though it does have a little thud and does have that normal metal hissing sound while it spins.this yo yo is great for grinds such as arm grinds, finger grinds, thumb grinds, and palm grinds.i will pry be getting a crucial grooved bearing so if you have one please make a review on it or tell me about it below.this yo yo has a very good weight and plays unresponsive out of the box

here are the specs
Gap width4.67mm/.18in
Response:k-pad-‘888 size’ (slim pad) (older version pre December 2009 use Grind Machine size pad)
weight:66 grams
bearing size:size c

this is a great yo yo especially for a first metal yo yo and it comes in aqua blue, red, or gun metal gray.I WOULD DEFINETLY RECCOMEND THIS YO YO


cool review. im thinking of picking one up soon