dv888 review (a "NTFD" review).

hello forum!
this is the first ever (drumroll please) “NTFD” review! if you’re wondering what NTFD means, it’s not the first day. that means that this isn’t about how it feels when i took my first throw! this is what it feels like after a few days (like a sober second thought)!

so, here we go!

first off, let me mention that this is my first ever unresponsive yoyo, and i really liked it!

it feels really smooth on the string and has a pretty decent spin time for the price.
it fits in my hand great, and it fits in your pocket pretty well too.
the thing you’ll notice if you get it, is that it’s quite small. but… you don’t even notice that when you’re playing it.
i got blue, and it looks awesome (especially with my neon green strings)!

so for pros, heres what we’ve got:
pretty good spin time
affordable (a nicer way of saying cheap)
fits in the hand well
smooth on the string
and cool lookin’!

now to what’s not so great.
so for the first about week i was in heaven with this yoyo! buuut unfortunatly i had a quick fall back down to earth.
for some unknown reason to me, the bearing has something stuck in it now (which may be just me, but listen anyway), so now i have to take it apart and clean the bearing, or else it’s responsive half the time.
now don’t let this discourage you from getting this yoyo, i was just a little annoyed with this slight mess up so i thought it may be worth it to mention it in the review.
anyway, my solution (lube and a new (concave) bearing) is on it’s way now, but i sincerely hope that things like this don’t happen to other future buyers.

so for my cons:

in rare cases the bearing may need to be cleaned even when new.
and apparently it looks awful when it gets any dings in it (which i’ve been lucky enough to avoid).

pictures may come later (but to be honest, it looks exactly like the pictures in the yoyoexpert shop).

hope you liked the review, more to come.
signing off,

good review. :slight_smile: