My DV888 Review....

Sorry I just noticed wrong section to :frowning:
So I figured since I finally got my dv888 I would do my own review.
Ok so lets start with the unboxing talk about excited lol. I opened up the yoyo factory box tore off the card board and wow…This thing is really small. Haha ok so compared to my dark magic it is very small. But, But it is very comfortable in the hand and not to mention in the pocket ( That dark magic was kinda uncomfortable). Anyway. I put on the string that came in the box and threw my first throw, wow this thing is crazy smooth and quiet. I tried a Gyroscopic Flop and it was ten time easier than my DM.
Next thing I started were finger grinds and this thing would just sit on my finger and spin and not to mention stay gosh darn stable. I went into some more complex tricks and found that out of the box the dv888’s spin time was about 5 times longer on many more layers of string. Not I am not ragging on the DM it is an excellent starter yoyo but the DV is much better in my opinion.
So any way although this thing is tiny it plays like a monster and anyone who is considering buying one couldnt go wrong at all. Thanks and keep things going round

Try not to post links to other sites YYE looses buisness that way and the review is a little short :stuck_out_tongue:

I know but in the forum rules It says you can post a site if yoyoexpert doesnt carry it and at this point they dont. And i called and asked and they said they have no idea when they would get them back in. So I figured I would help the peoples out lol. Anyway yah sorry its so short. :frowning:

They carry them. They are just currently out. That means it is still against the rules.

yup, it’s just out of stock,

yup it’s just out of stock.

Ok… I modified my post so sorry yoyoexpert about posting up another website, it should be all good now?

yep as long as you posted in the review section of the forums…