DV888 Resposive, is that normal? Do i need more breaking in?

so i got my DV888 in the mail today and when i tried to grind it, it ate the slack of the string.

do i need more Breaking in, or does my yoyo have a problem?


could be a number of things, response pads could need to break in, the bearing could need to break in, the string could be too thick, or all the above.

oh then should i stop using the FAT kittystring?

and yeah i assumed they need breaking in

if you stick your bearing on the tip of a pencil and flick it, how long does it spin?

how far do your response pads stick out from the yoyo?

and hmmm idk we will see depending on your other answers.

my ball bearing spins in a pencil for about 3 secs
and here is the pic

U can try using a thinner string. Also pay attention to string tension if ur string is too twisted it can snap back too.

3 seconds… Clean it

i did clean it

… don’t know what to say then…

Can you run us through your cleaning process? A lot of times newer players will say that they’ve cleaned the bearing but may have gone about it the wrong way.


i use my custom method which sems to work with 10ball bearings efficiently

  1. spray with gun bore cleaner (dissolves carbon,lead, etccc…)
    2.i put the bearing in a degreaser solvent
    3 wipe off excess, dry
    4 lube with YoTricks thin lube

Sounds like a decent enough method. Only thing I can think of would be to deshield the bearing and try cleaning it again in case some unusually large bit of gunk somehow found it’s way in. If that doesn’t work, you might have just picked up a dud bearing.


XD I always run my bearings desheilded, so yeah I think I picked up a dud bearing. Thanks.

I’m planning to buy a ceramic therrapin delta do you personally think its alright? I’ve heard people saying its pretty good

Haven’t played the terrapin ceramic. The only ceramic I’ve played was the sOMEThING ceramic concave that came with my Superfly. It’s not a bad bearing but doesn’t play any different to a regular steel concave bearing. I’m not entirely convinced that ceramic bearings are worth the extra premium but YMMV.