dv888 or yomega dash?

i was about buy a yomega dash and then i saw that the dv888 is only 15 buck s more. if i was a little bit better thear would be no qustion to buy the dv888. but since im only a intermediat virging on advances it maks it a little more difficult. so please help!!! ???

To be honest, I’m a HUGE fan of the Ooch YoYo. It plays super smooth and is a great fit in the hand. But out of the 2 you have listed, I would say Dv888. I’m not much of a YYF guy but the Dv888 is a tad nicer than the Dash. The Dash is a great throw too, but the Dv888 has a little bit of a leg up on it.

I like the Dv888 WAAAAYYY more

i might get the ooch yo. you say its really good, but just like how unreasponsive is it and whats the sleep time? ???

i’ve never even heard of the ooch until now (im not a yomega fan at all), but the Dv888 is awesome. its been my main throw for a year now, and still going. If your going into advanced, go for the Dv888.

This has pretty much nothing to do with this topic.

They’re both great yoyos. Sleep time is not a factor. Unless you can honestly tell me you’ve tried playing responsive, you shouldn’t consider the potential unresponsiveness of a yoyo either. Bad yoyos can be unresponsive and good ones can be responsive. Just how it works.

I could not have said this better myself.


Agreed. You’re always right about some stuff.

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Right. They just give good throws period.


I’m going to assume neither of you have played the Ooch yo’s? I’m sure you would change your mind about the products they put out if you gave that throw a chance. It’s one of my main throws over my Dv888. Actually, I’m in the process of selling my Dv888, that’s how little I play it. Apetrunk said it best, “Right. They just give good throws period”.

get the dv888 the dash dosnt sleep long and a lot of people think there crap just watch the reaveiws on youtube

You clearly don’t have a good throw and really don’t know what you’re talking about. Not trying to be mean or anything, just truthful.


Not to mention “reviews on youtube” aren’t worth crap either. I have gotten all kinds of false info from reviews on youtube.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts comparing the Ooch with the DV888 and the Dash, particularly on stability. I love the DV888 but notice that it is an unforgiving yoyo on non-perfect throws or if you’re not hitting the strings just right. It’ll vibrate or start tilting.

How can you say the Dash doesn’t play good for 30 bucks? It kills most of the 30 yoyos out there.

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Here is a review I did on the Ooch. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,12250.0.html

As far as my thoughts, the Ooch just feels right for me. I love the shape of the Dv888 but it just doesn’t fit my kind of play. I was kind of expecting more from it w/ all the hype that people give it.

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dv888 100%


So it’s preference, not a fact, that Yomega yoyos are bad?