Dv888 or shaqlerstar?

I got 2 different trade offers and im not sure which one i want to go with… Which would you buy? A dv888 or shaqlerstar? For 5a? 1a? 3a possibly?

Shaqler stars beat the dv888 in everything you can think of, even price. It’s awesome at 5A 3A and 1A. Heck, I even used a small bearing and did offstring! :wink: I got it in a mystery box and I haven’t been able to put it down. Get it.

P.S. I feel like one of those one minute YouTube infomercials

DV888 is better.

Even if I deeply dislike both, I have to agree with Zort Commander, in all aspects, the Shaqlestar is better. The DV888 starts to be terribly outdated

I don’t understand how any part of it is outdated. It features modern response and a large bearing without having those dreaded Yoyofactory Spacers.

The shaqlerstar is much more stable and is full size.

The only thing the dv888 has to offer is its better grind ability.

I’m not saying it’s a bad yoyo. I don’t deny it was a little wonder back when it was first released.

But, compared with most metal throws of the same price range produced during the last two years, performance-wise, it’s a good step behind.

IMO it would deserve a version 2

You’re ignorant. The version that exists now is the version 2. It used to have broad pads which were slippy and didn’t work well. Now, in 2011 they remade it with Modern Response. And it’s not a step behind at all. I found that it was actually smoother and had less vibe compared to my CLYW Puffin.

I honestly like the shaqlerstar a bit more. The reason behind this is that the shaqlerstar seems a lot more competitive than the dv888

The Dv888 is under sized So its a nice throw that you can just stick in your pocket and take it any where you want

The shaqler star is fullsized It plays similar to a North Star But is slightly different Since its full sized it is slightly easier to catch on the string

But it really all boils dow to do you wan a fullsized? or an undersized?

You must choose whichever one you think will work best for you

Yeah, I’m ignorant if you want.

Changing the pads size is not what I call making a version 2.

I’m talking about performance. Smoothness has very little/nothing to do with it.
Level 6, Aura, Shutter, Echo 2, Firmy, DiBase2… There are so many better than the DV888.

I’m not denying it may be fun to play, but as I stated, I don’t like it.

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I’ve owned all 3 types of dv888. Small bearing OG, Large bearing OG, and the newer pad configuration. It’s definitely outdated. It’s based off the DV8 from buzzon which was already an old shape when it came out. It’s still a fun throw and I own my OG hardcoat and love it but if you’re looking for something to practice newer tricks that involve sidestyle get a shaqlerstar. It’s much easier but if you just want a carry around throw to beat up and enjoy grab the dv888. I’ll admit the overall feel of it on the string isn’t for everyone but give it a try if you ever get the chance.

Alright i think I’ll go with the shaqlerstar thank you guys!

good choice :wink:


The Shaqlerstar is a Northstar with a different name. I think I’ve heard you have(or had) a northstar so you might want to try something new. I have to agree with some of the people in this thread that the shaqlerstar is better than the dv888 in pretty much every aspect. So you could get another northstar(shaqlerstar), or you could try something new, the dv888, even though it’ll be a little worse than the shaqlerstar.

Smoothness has nothing to do with performance. I buy many b grades for that reason, all the performance without the high price tag. My fools gold avalanche has more vibe than both my popstar and my dv888. Do I care? Not in the slightest. It is much more stable, spins longer, handles horizontal better, and is just overall better at everything but smoothness. I play with my yoyos, I don’t spend my time with them grinding it with my finger and testing them for “fingernail vibe”. Don’t judge a yoyo by its smoothness.

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I agree, unless its pulsating really bad, thennnn you got a problem lol

Vibe doesnt matter, wobble does :smiley: