Dv888, Duncan Echo, or ShaqlerStar? Which is best?

I’ve recently gotten into advanced yo-yoing, so I would like to get a more advanced yoyo. I’m operating on a budget. Which would you recommend of the above yo-yos?

If you have any other suggestions those are welcome too!

Out of those three I like the NorthStar. Should be able to do almost any advanced trick on it, though it ain’t great for grinds. The Echo is nice if you want a metal throw. Not a fan of the DV888, smaller, less stable and feels like a rock on a string.

There are some other nice cheap yoyos out there. YoYoExpert has the God Tricks line, which has some good less expensive throws, notable the Destiny, Cyclone and Bounty Hunter.

If you want even cheaper look for some MagicYoYos. The T5 is super cheap and plays fantastic for the price. The new N12 and Purple Line look great though I’ve yet to try them.

Of the three you have mentioned the ShaqlerStar is my favorite. The DV888 is a fun date but I’ve never considered her my choice for a serious relationship. The Duncan Echo is a fine yoyo and will not fail to provide you with all that is necessary to advance up the tricks ladder. You could buy this throw with all confidence your purchase was not a mistake. However I have found my NorthStar to be a very dependable, stable player always ready to perform beyond the point my meager skills can take it.

(theTopo’s ideas are superb and should be given earnest consideration. For another $20 the Capless from C3 YoYo Design is a very competitive player as well.)

What’s the difference between a NorthStar and a ShaqlerStar? Also what do you think of the Metropolis which is in a similar price range. Checked out God Tricks btw.

The NorthStar was Jensen Kimmitt’s signature yoyo. He left the YYF team a few years back so they replaced it with the ShaqlerStar. As far as I’m aware it’s exactly the same yoyo, just in a new colour. Looks WAY nicer IMHO. And just to muddy the waters a bit more you may also want to look at the ProtoStar which is almost the same, just a few grams lighter. Both play quite similar and it’s all a matter of preference.

I’ve only tried the Metropolis and Echo briefly and I actually preferred the Metropolis but most of the opinions I’ve read online seem to favour the Echo and it’s also more popular amongst the Duncan contest team. Also some Metropolis yoyos seem to have a problem where they cut the string, and although Duncan will replace faulty yoyos it’s a bit of a pain.

What yoyo are you currently using and what are your feelings on it?

I’ve been using a yomega maverick for a while. It’s nice but I have ran into a couple problems lately. Spin time is lacking at times as well. Other than that my maverick has been fine. Especially when I first got it.

The ShaqlerStar or the Echo will both take into unexplored possibilities the Maverick has not. As you probably know, their diameter is larger so you’ll have to adjust to more yoyo in your hand, but that is something I believe you will welcome as you begin to play.

(I had intended to mentioned the ProtoStar for your consideration as well. You could also look at the celcon Trigger from YoYoJam. A decent throw for it’s price neighborhood, although I think it’s crosses the finish line behind the ShaglerStar or ProtoStar as a plastic alternative.)

What’s celcon? Is that a type of metal?

It’s another type of plastic. The Trigger is quite nice but I agree with BanjoSpins that it’s not quite on par with the Shaqler/ProtoStar.

Is celcon more durable? What makes it better than normal plastic?

If you like those you should definitely go on ebay and pick up a magic yoyo they are amazing the n9 is like a stacked catalyst and the t9 is great too

Celcon is machined like metal, minimizing that vibe you often get on plastics. Also it’s slick so it grinds easier. If I were you though, I’d pick up a Shaqler or Protostar. Both are great. I’ve had both. It doesn’t matter which one you pick at this level, whichever you think looks better. I promise you’ll be happy.

Sorry double post

I have tried every plastic yoyo on this list as well as the dv888. Out of the ones listed, I like the trigger the best. I am currently saving for a second cause it is that good. As a newer yoyoer, you might meet the problem that i met with my protostar: over tighten it half an inch and then kaboom! The yoyo is cracked and vibey. I still love the protostar, but I prefer the trigger, which I think is a little more durable.

How do the ShaqlerStar and Trigger compare?

Both the ShaqlerStar and the Trigger are great throws. The Shaqler is just a whisker more in diameter and width and weighs another 1.5 grams. They are very comparable. As I said, I prefer the YYF products over the Trigger. Phil the Lizard likes the Trigger better. So who’s right? Both of us. Neither one. Whichever.

Often when we get to shopping for a new throw we agonize over which is the better choice and that can really get to be a monkey on your back. No selection is the superior one, they are all great! They really are. At some point you’ll just have to take a leap of faith and go with one and then be assured at that point that decision will ultimately be the best choice because each and every one are an excellent choice!

(I will throw out this caveat, Phil is right in that both the ShaqlerStar and ProtoStar can crack on you if you tighten them too far so you do have to be careful about that. The Trigger is very durable and would most likely tolerate a little more abuse if you tend to be more reckless with your stuff.)

Look into Yoyojam’s Metal Rimmed Plastics. The Vigilante I tried is amazing

Thanks for all the help. I’ll most likely go with a Trigger or a Duncan metal. Whether it be Echo or Metropolis. Thanks again guys!

Celcon yoyos are not normally machined. They’re injection molded. Delrin, which is a very similar plastic, is usually machined. My understanding is that the Trigger is made of Celcon in a mold and then finished with some machining to give it a much nicer finish. As for its durability I’ve heard a report or two about it basically shattering if slammed straight into the ground. Considering the outer rims are actually quite thin this isn’t too surprising. Still, it’s a nice yoyo at a good price.

Regardless of if you end up with a Trigger, ShaqlerStar or Echo I think you’ll be happy. They’re all more than capable.