DV888 or Dark Magic

I was wondering which yoyo I should buy next. Im stuck between the DV888 and the Dark Magic II, they are around the same price and I was wondering which of the two performs better. Thanks for the help.

Well…It depends on your skill level. If you are new to yoyoing then get a dark magic. If you are advanced then get a dv888.

If you’re working in progress, DM2 would be great. It comes with the slim and the speed bearing. One responsive, one dead.

But if you can do bind quite well, I think that a metal is fine. A good response system should come up good if you have even the slightest decent bind.

But I recommend the Raptor. You know why…

Well, the DM II can be adjusted to be unresponsive, responsive, or even half way. So if your learning how to bind, it would probably be the best choice. It also uses and o ring response which doesn’t need to be replaced often. Were as the Dv888, plays better in my opinion, it is strait unresponsive, and uses silicone response, which needs to be replaced far more often than o rings. Hope this helps!

Thanks. Also next question now that it was brought up. Dv888 or Raptor

Definetly raptor. My friend has one, and I love to throw it.

A Dark Magic 2 is a good choice for beginners. The DV888 is for advanced players that want more smoothness and longer sleep times.

I’ve never tried the raptor before, but one thing to consider is that you’ll need to buy friction stickers to replace the ones in there. They wear out rather quickly.

You’re thinking of a DM1.

The DM2 has silicone response instead of the hybrid (starburst and o-ring) and comes with 2 different bearings instead of an adjustable gap. It also plays much smoother than it’s predecessor…

The Raptor’s response isn’t friction stickers it is and Silicone Groove sticker which is the same thing as
the yyf slim pad.

The Raptor is a great choice i loved mine, I’m sure the dv888 is good too but i haven’t had a chance to try it. Also another thing to keep in mind is that the Raptor comes responsive so that means you either have to clean the bearing or just break it in.