dark magic 2 vs dv888 and review?

dark magic 2 vs dv888 and review

  1. which should i get?
  2. spin time?
  3. review?
  4. your experience?
  5. bearing?
  6. string?
  7. facts?
  8. lubes?
  1. What are your preferences?
  2. Spin time depends on your throw. someone can get a 1 minute sleeper, or a 5 minute sleeper.
  3. dm2 is an oversized bimetal on the heavier side. A dv888 is an undersized metal on the lighter side.
    If you want to do finger or thumb grinds, go with the dv888. dm2 can’t really do either very well. (it’s possible to thumb grind, but it’s harder)
  4. I personally like the dv888 more than the dm2. but I’d recommend a raptor over both of them.
  5. what are you asking here? what bearing should you get? just stick with the stock one. it’ll be more than adequate for whatever you’re doing.
  6. I’d steer clear from cotton. generally for 1a, people use polyester or nylon string. I’d go with yye poly for now.
  7. Not sure what you mean here either
  8. Lube isn’t really necessary, but you could go with some thin lube. It will make your bearing responsive at first, but after breaking it in, it’ll be unresponsive.
    Pros: bearing will last longer, quieter
    cons: won’t spin as long, responsive until broken in
    no lube
    Pros: Unresponsive, longer spin
    cons: won’t last as long, louder
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I like the protostar better than the Dark Magic. A lot better.It spins longer, and is a better weight if you ask me. So if you think the protostar is worse than the dv888 or the same level, i’d pick the dv888.

normally i see a lot of “which ever one u think looks cooler” respones on these type of threads anyways!!! wow 2 yoyos that r almost opposite if ur a noob(no offense noobs u r some of my best entertainment) get dm2 its heavy and sluggish so ull see everything happen when u throw it and have more controll
if ur already fairly skilled get the dv888 its faster but ive only played a dv888 a few times an i must say easily my favorite YYF

just comes down to wether ur learning tricks for tge most part or working on mad combos naw mean

I use both. My go to throw is the dm2. But then again I have big meat hooks. (hands)

i like my dm2 better than the dv888 the dv888 just doesnt feel the same as my dm2 but its just preference really, what do you like the heavy bigger yoyos or lighter smaller ones its your preference,though the raptor seems pretty good from what i heard

I personaly like the dark magic alot, it took me all the way through the trick list on this site. I have never tried a dv888 and nothing compels me to but it or trade for one, maby it’s just my prefrences. I have heard nothing bad about the dv888 and the dark magic, what can I say…it is a tried and tested yoyo that people still want and like to use (most people).

If you are a really new noob then get the dark magic because it comes with a responsive bearing and if you are more advanced then I might suggest the dv888, even though I have never tried one personally. Just my 2 cents.

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