DV888 Desktop by JM

Here it is, the much anticipated DV888 themed wallpaper. I hope you guys (Samad and DV888) like it.

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Nice man. You have great artwork. I love the aqua coloring too.

that looks awesome.
i feel it is your best yet.
it is very obvious you put a lot of time and effort on it.

This is great!, do you have a higher resolution one or is this the biggest

If you right-click the picture and save it, the resolution will be 2000x1200. That’s higher than 1080p and should be more than enough for most desktops. ;D

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Ah yes it is perfect, (this is dv888 btw)

:wink: I recognized the grenade and Throwbots Sig, lol.

So sick man!

Your best work yet! Amazing! I’m definately going to set this as my desktop background.

Every time I look at my desktop I smile! :slight_smile:

Hey JM, would you possibly do a custom yoyo wallpaper for me???

Nice work btw, I dig the space themed black