Show off your current wallpaper.

So I’ve seen this in a few communities that i used to be apart of and thought it was a cool idea.
Basically just show off you current wallpaper/desktop image. Feel free to post image only if you are weary of personal items on your desktop.

My desktop is based on what I think it would look like if I were a SPECTRE.

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Here’s my current one. The rest are others I alos love.

I think it’s the bee’s knees…

Here’s mine…

For anyone interested, the art can be found in [url=]This album

Feel free to use it. Show some Severe love… just taken tonight on a t3i. This yoyo is dabes.

(The same background is on my linux drives.)


I like Wu-Tang. And Sloths.

Crysis 3 looks absolutely amazing. If only I could run it on my mac.

What can I say, I like owls.

Made my day.

Get a console. Or if you want to game on your computer, upgrade your graphics card and install Steam.

My Virtual Machine’s Desktop.

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