awesome desktop backrounds

i made the pics!!! please comment admire them!!! lol

hope you like them!!! thanks for looking!!

Well, if the pictures were larger, it would be a super awesome desktop background. But these pictures are still pretty good.

Keep up the good work!

The composure is very nice on most of them but the lighting could be better. I suggest making a cheap lightbox or getting some sunlight in there.

Yes. More light. Too dark.

Maybe the reason why it’s dark is because his shadow was covering the picture. I think.

Oh yeah… More yoyo backgrounds plz : D

You could allways make a very very very cool wallpaper in photoshop cs3/cs4 :slight_smile:

Find tutorials on yourtube and make something very nice :wink:
id jsut made some fast to show you. (the text is my last name, and yes its with a Ø)
By the way its a Png file:

they look awesome!!! adding the awesome 2 loop 720s