Will Make: Desktop Backgrounds.

Yeah, I’m making desktop backgrounds now!

If you haven’t seen my work:


PM me with these answers and I’ll make you a background within a few days. (Be patient with me please, I’m pretty busy)

What are  some of your favorite colors? (About 3-5)

What is your favorite company?

What yoyos would you like in the background from that company?

What yoyos would you like that is not in that company?

What yoyos would you not like to have in the picture?

Is there a specific yoyo you’d like to stand out/or have multiple pictures of? (Favorite yoyo for example)

(Optional) Include pictures of the yoyos you want.

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No one wants backgrounds?

hey gm user ill take a background?

I’d go for one, but they take up energy on your computer, thus a higher electricity bill. It’s not a major problem, but I was also reading over the forums, and he said he won’t be on much besides for Element String orders.

It is very easy to make your own, with Paint.Net, or GIMP 2.6.6.

GM User’s backrounds are very cool! Way to go! :wink:

I like the YoYoFactory collage. (Spelling?)

Not to be mean or anything but I really dont like your backgrounds.

Aw, come on, man.

This is a friendly enviornment, here. Don’t let him down, he tried. :slight_smile:

Besides, he won’t know because he’s not on the forums because of that war last night.

(P.S. GM User, you posted a link in a link. :P)

Not to rain on your parade or anything but did you actually get permission to use these from either Pat or Weber at yyn to use those pics?

I like them though :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say it really matters. GM User is a member over there, too.

They’re just pictures. YYN carries more Yo-Yos than there on, lets say, YoYoFactory. You’d want to make a whole picture montage of one color backround.

Wilba! I just saw your avatar. Where did you find a clear dice cw? I’ve been looking everywhere for one since I saw JonRob had one.

I made it myself

Then would it be better if I just stopped making them?

The beautiful thing about copyright laws are that they don’t really apply to these situations. He makes no claim to ownership of the pictures, and this particular “distribution” doesn’t gain anything nor take away from the owners. The process is complicated, but I assure you that what he has done here is no crime.

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Then why even post this?

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You shouldn’t listen to anyone but yourself. It is a community here, and you should make your own work if you want to. Personally, I like them. Especially the YYF one. :slight_smile:

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I know, I was talking about the right sized clear dice. I can drill holes, just can’t find the dice to do it to.

don’t let others let you down kiddo! :wink:
Besides, it’s not bad, you always have room for improvement!
You’re so much better than me, I just MIGHT ask you to make a wallpaper for me :slight_smile:

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