Death By YoYo Crazy!

Made it for Juan.

Nice. You have a cool style. :smiley:

Haha, thanks.

Try, you really have to. Or photoshop. It is a must to make good backgrounds ;D

I am using


For the yoyos, remove the white/black background with the magic wand tool. Just use the magic wand, click on the grey area, and most of the grey area will be selected. Play around with the tolerance.

Download some plugins. Use plugins. Don’t treat like how you treat paint, Paint.Net has powerful render effects. Use them instead of drawing random lines.

(Effects.rar includes lots of good plugins for you to use, download it and extract it to “C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects” if you left everything at default when installing)

Also in the attached, a picture I made with random effects. With the “Random Maze” effect, “Julia Fractal” and a rectangle with a “downwards diagonal lines” fill.

My parents didn’t like me to download, let aloe te other stuff.

But I’ll see if I can.

Did you see the image I made with just random effects?

Tell them that there’s no viruses or anything, its compeltely safe. It was made by some guy working at microsoft lol.

Yeah…it wasn’t showing up a few minutes ago for some reason, but yes, I saw it.