Starting Yoyo GFXing ((Making Sigs/Banners))

Hey guys, Im going to try to start you GFXing. Now here are some free programs virus free.


I suggest the Paint thing, it has everything organized more easier and it has a nicer interface.

Now I am rendering some yoyos so everyone can use, but please if you are going to use it in your sig/banner don’t put it in the banner or sig but just type it in your signature.

Now when you want to make a sig it usually consists of a background some text and a image. When you take the background out of a image the left over is considered a render. For example. If a pokeball image had a pokeball and a blue background and you took out the blue background the pokeball would be a render. How you do this fast is in the program in the tools bar over the bucket icon is a wand icon. Click on it then double click on the background in the image and then then Ctrl+X. This only works if the background is the same color, if you want to do it on a background with many many colors you have to use Lasso Select or Rectangle select tool.

You can make a background by using the effects tab and editing around with colors and what not. You can write with the text thing.

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You just saved my life cropping those yoyos. At first I used Magic Wand on the yoyo then Crop it, but then I realized I’m supposed to wand the background. LOL.