My New Signature And Avatar

Hey guys!

I recently downloaded GIMP and Paint.Net, and I used Paint.Net to make my signature and my avatar.

What do you think?

It’s on my profile, and you can see it here.

Special thanks to rsmod123 for the influence to get Paint.Net. Thanks rsmod123! You’re a great help!

I don’t use GIMP though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Spencer L. :wink:

They look…awsome!

Thanks guys!

No more horrible Bannerfans.Com!

Special thanks to rsmod123! :wink:

can you make me one?

Awesome! That’s way cool. Way trippy.

Yay! You have started to use Paint.Net ;D Lol I tried Gimp last time, but I hated it because I had installation problems, the download took up so much memory, and the startup time is so long. PDN Starts up very fast, and the download is about 3 mb. (Will be, the Alpha version hasn’t been compressed)

Grats on finally changing to PDN! ;D

Thanks, it took me about 15 minuites to get everything down.

I have Paint.Net, and GIMP 2.6, but I don’t use GIMP. Too hard.

Btw, don’t put those lines and diamonds in the same picture as the sig.

For the Mandelbrot fractal, try to splinter blur it, or zoom blur it. It might look nicer ;D

Thats not yoyo related.

It’s in the Yo-Yo Artwork section.

It doesn’t have a Yo-Yo in it, but it is art.

its not YoYo Related then…

So, unrelated discussion?

(It is artwork, but without Yo-Yo, because it’s a Yo-Yo site) :slight_smile:

yoyo related aside, anyone know of any programs for a mac that i could use to make banners, avatars, etc. like spencer L’s? Free and user friendly would be nice, I’m not a graphics designer, just a guy with free time. lol ;D

Its art but its not yoyo related. Why do you think why the yoyo art section is under the yoyo part instead of the Unrelated Discussion and Site Improvement part?

Yeah, when I look at mine, I think of all the work I put into the backround, just trying how to make it black and white. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Paint.Net.

Go to Getpaint.Net, and download it. I like GIMP 2.6, but it’s confusing for me.

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Not sure if paint works on mac, it uses the .NET framework. I guess you might be able to though, i think GIMP is compatible with mac.

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Ah, thanks Kim-Lan.

Now it’s cleared up of confusion. :slight_smile: