Blue Eights by JM

(JM) #1

I hope you enjoy this! More to come.

It’s a little choppy but I’m working on that.



Flashy… :o



I might get into this now.


Guess what my new desktop background is?

If you could make one with the Dv888, that would be awesome. lol

(JM) #5

If guys want desktop backgrounds, I’ll use higher resolution shots :smiley:

(Johnny T) #6

Nice. I need to get to work myself too.


this would look awesome as a signature

(Yo!It'sMatt) #8

Tightest, picture, ever.


Well, could you? ;D

With the yoyo in the corner an Aqua Blue Dv888?

(JonasK) #10

JM is so awesome. He should have his own stickied topic here. Or he should be a moderator here. He’s just the master of yoyo art.

Addment: My guess is photoshop.


He does use photoshop. I think he said so somewhere.


And Adobe art program.


He uses photoshop and GIFS or GIPS or whatever. He and I were talking about signatures and he said he uses photoshop and … the letters.


Gimp? He doesn’t use gimp, he just recommends it if you don’t hve photoshop because its free I think.

(JonasK) #15


GIMP=free, Photoshop and Illustrator=expensive.

(Jamesofyoyo) #16

Fixed! :smiley:

P.S. That pic of the 888 is NOT ugly! :o

(SR) #17

Yeah, I would set this as my desktop background. Like Samad said, it would be awesome if we had a dv888 in that. Great Job, JM!