I ♥ YoYo by JM

I’m sorry it has been a while since I have contributed anything, but school and work have taken all my creativity lately. Samad and anyone else who is looking forward to the DV888 desktop, I’m still working on it. 2000x1200 is a huge canvas, and I am trying to finish it up.

In the mean time, here is a large resolution shot of my first 3D using photoshop only.


It won’t appear.

But I’m guessing it’s cool!

That’s REALLY awesome! You make great artwork, JM, I hope you continue to.

Aw, I can’t see it! :frowning:

i really like it, keep up the good work.

I can’t see it either, JM. Was there a mistake in the code?

I can’t see it either, working on it though.

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i could see it.

I was able to see it with no problems when you first posted it.

Thanks JM. Oh and I would like a dv888 desktop background also. Can’t wait to see that, and the picture you’re working on getting up right now! :wink:

That’s weird.

I still can’t see it. lol.

I see it! That looks SO awesome JM! I like the reflection under the words! Keep up the amazing work, JM!

Link fixed, the code was fine before, I have NO idea why it was all weird.

That was be a sick shirt.

i can see it

Amazing work Jason!

Whoa, now I see it!


I know! That’s how I felt when I saw it! Its very contemporary, and cool looking!

This is nice, but I can’t begin to tell you how ready I am for a dv888 background XD