DV888 pictures

I got bored so I decided to take some pictures of my new DV888.
(P.S. not the best photographer)


your a great photogrefer

Whats a photogrefer :wink:

Damn, that dv888 looks soooo nice. I want one so much but cant work anymore and cant afford to get one >_<

On a side note, your photography is exceptional, keep it up.

Very nice pics! Last one is my new wallpaper :slight_smile:
I’m getting my aqua dv888 wednesday (i hope) so this made me even more excited!

The second one is my new phone wallpaper. Thanks, keep up the good work.
Also, nice to see that someone else is as crazy about them as I am. I’ve got two (one LB one SM, and can’t wait to get my hands on a couple more).

Wow great photography man! I am also eager as well as I am buying a Dv888 soon too!

Thanks guys,
But these pictures were taken back in 2009 when the yoyo was still in mint condition. Its been through hell since then but I still enjoy it:D
Funfact: This particular Dv888 is the wide pad version unlike the the ones made today.

Surprised that these pics are finally getting looked at.

Thanks again.