Just got my DV888!

WOHOOOOO! Just got my Dv888 last night. So funny too because when i got home, I asked my folks if it had come in yet and they of course said no. But what do i find when i decide to go to bed??? A USPS package sitting on my bed. lol. Greatest surprise of my life. Thought I’d share my fun and excitement with you all here on the forum :D.

Here’s some pics of it (absolutely LOVE it btw ;D)…

I’m a tad envious.

Glad you like it. The dv888 is an amzing yo-yo.

Haha, it’s your “fav. yo-yo” now! ;D

yup, mostly because its small and ridiculously smooth. :smiley:

Nice! I love mine too!

Glad your enjoying it! Your parents sound awesome. They probably made it twice as exciting :wink:

have fun!! :smiley:

Your going to love the Dv888, its so smooth and the SPEC bearing spins so long, have fun!

I love my gameboy purble purple DV888, dead smooth ain’t it… 8)