I just got my dv888!

I can’t believe it! I got my dv888 LB Aqua! It took forever to get here and now it’s here! I’m so excited! Here is my mini review:

When you first see your dv888, the design and beauty of this yo-yo is amazing. The suns rays reflected on the beautiful aqua finish. When I took it out of the box for the first time, it was smaller than I thought it would be, and the gap was large. The feel of this yo-yo was absolutely amazing. The spin times are astounding. It was so smooth and it had a very stable spin. Easy binder too. Everything about the dv888 from YYF is amazing. I would reccomend this yo-yo to advanced players, and people looking into metals from YoYoFactory. Thanks for reading!

I’ve been playing with it about an hour now, and I love it and I’m so excited to have it to my collection.

Good review! A little step-up would to have at least 2 spereate paragraphs, but still good!

Priority shipping is either 2-3 days, or 5-7 days.

Ah priority shipping is awesome!

Yeah. I love to see that white box when it arrives… Good times. ;D

Running towards the mailbox.

Hmm…HaHa. That reminds me of DV888’s review of the Frantic when he was running toward the mailbox. :smiley:
Anyways, nice to hear about your new DV.

Oh haha I saw that video. xD

Not a review…

SR, take that collection picture now :slight_smile:

No, it isn’t a FULL review, it’s just a skim of the Yo-Yo.

Hence, Mini Review.

I swear I did that today. I watched for the mail person to come and ran all the way shouting those exact words.

Ha ha
“what is this weird kid doing?”-Mail person

That would be wonderful if I found my camera. I’ll try to find it. I’ll take my picture then.

Better than a dog chasing him. :stuck_out_tongue:

True that Spencer.