Whats your fav duncan for string tricks and 5A.

well i haven’t tried any duncan’s but many people will tell you the Freehand 2(probably lol)

I never EVER!!! play duncan thats why i’m buying some pretty soon so I was just checking to c everyone’s fav since my inexperience with duncans wouldn’t help much.

just remembered duncan maid the Mayhem and the Vendetta!!!

Duncan Mayhem. Game over.

i LOVE my recessed fhz, its so much fun, id like to get a flying squirrel and recess that too

Ive Tried Nate Sutters old Mayhem, Before it was sunk, Smoother than… Me.

the Freehand was ok. The takashi mod freehand was really good. and the fhz was ok. The throw monkey i didn’t like too much.
i like to use the flying panda. even though thats not exactly built for 5a

I really like the feel of the FH2. Its weight and shape makes it a great 1a and 5a player. And all the mods you can do to it…

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FH0, FH0. :smiley:

Maybe the Mayhem and Vandetta also… but I’ve never played either.

I like the Freehand line (FH1, FH2, FHZ, etc.). Any one of them is a great choice. I think that they’re all classics, and that everyone should have at least one of them in their collection.

Mayhem and Vendetta.Throw monkey and FHZ are great too

Takeshi Mod FHZ.

an IKY mod FHZ or FH2. Also the FHV!