Duncan freehand

I’ve been wonder what is the different from all of Duncan’s freehand models, FH1, FHZ(light), and FReakhand? I got freakhand from 5 below and it was really horrible, is another 2 model similiar to freakhand? Ive been interested in getting light up yoyo, I’m not looking for anything fancy or expensive, but eye candy while I playing. I just got yyf hubstack afterglow USA edition and it was allright, $25 is kinda expensive for this quality. I want some opinion about fhz lights. Thanks.

The FHZ is similar to the FH1, but they differ markedly from the FH2/Freakhand. The former play a bit better than the latter in my opinion. I believe FH2 was based on the DragonFly/ProYo Turbo BB GT. I have both the FHZ and a FH2 and find the FH2 an acceptable player. What in particular do you dislike about the Freakhand? Have you played a FHZ or FH1? BTW, the Freehand One was known as just a Freehand initially. The FH1 designation came about after the FHZ came out.

The freehand 1 (Fh1) is actually just ‘freehand’ (duncan has, confusingly, never renamed the yoyo line really)… they’re hard(ish) to find these days as they came from a prototype mold in 2000/2001

The Freehand (what we call the freehand 2 or fh2) was then released when the original mold died. It replaced the freehand entirely and is a totally different shape, closer to the dragonfly or playmaxx turbo bumble bee gt (Duncan had just purchased Playmaxx when they made the yoyo). It’s a much rounder fatter shape, and is vastly different than the original… the freakhand is based on this yoyo.

The FhZ (freehand zero) was an attempt to remake the original freehand. It differs slightly in weight and a few minor details but is otherwise very similar.

The light up Freehand Zero is actually a modified version of the Fhz. It uses flush mounted stickers for response and obviously adds a light kit. They changed the molds to do this so any ‘regular’ fhz they decide to make in the future will also feature a flush sticker response system.

They are currently about the release a new version of the freehand called the FH Pro… it is completely unlike any of the other models in essentially every way.



The freakhand has stock flush mounted stickers as well. Kyo covered the rest.

I’m not really big fan of size a bearing and sticker responsive pad. If there isn’t much different from fhz and freak hand then I shouldn’t spend $24 ish when I am get freak hand for $5 unless you guys can convict me why sticker responsive pad and bearing a is worth to own for $24.

There’s a significant difference between FHZ and the Freakhand as far as shape goes as noted above. The FHZ plays better, but the Freakhand/FH2 plays acceptably well. Your play/skill level will not be appreciably affected by choosing either one. It’s really a personal choice based on what you want to spend.

I really find the freakhand to play better than the fhz, however the fhz plays better than the older fh2’s. But I really liked the old fh2’s for responsive play. actually my favorite responsive bearing throw.
That being said i like the A bearing pad setup best out of all combo’s I have came across, as long as the pads are flush mounted. The one thing you should know is they do not give you the widest spacer setup in any fhz, or freakhand/freehand2 packaging anymore. you have to buy a parts kit as well that get that spacer set up, with in my opinion makes all the difference. They give you a thin set and a wider set but not the widest set available.

Wow, to this point, I have always thought that the flat cap one was the original Freehand, and the one that have the FHZ like cap was a Freehand 2 because it seems like an “upgrade”, but for some reason that upgraded Freehand was discontinued because the Freehand Zero released and then the flat cap Freehand was revived as Freehand. It was rather confusing.
Thanks Kyo.