The difference between a FHZ and a FH

People asked me to get a Duncan FHZ since I only have access to Duncans. But I have a FH instead. What are the differences between them? Anyone can help?

Alright! Quick rundown… If you bought it in a store than its mostlikely a Freehand 2…

Production of the Freehand 1 stopped when the original mold broke. Sucks huh?

After the mold broke for the Duncan Freehand 1, the Freehand 2 was introduced as a substitute. Many considered it an inferior replacement, and because of this demand, the Duncan Freehand Zero was produced

The Freehand Zero is much like the Freehand 1…

Freehand 1

Freehand 2

Freehand Zero

Hope that helps

About ten bucks… Hahaha

The Freehand is a little smaller then the FHZ. The FHZ is close in size to the Dark Magic, just not as wide. I think the Freehand is a little lighter too. The FHZ also has hard plastic sidecaps where as the Freehand has soft plastic ones and is a little harder to screw together, you kind of have to push in on the side with the axle to get it to catch the threads on the other half of the yo yo.

Also the Freehand comes with an extra set of friction stickers and one “collectible” Duncan counterweight. The FHZ doesn’t include the extra stickers but comes with three counterweights: a die, a bouncy ball, and a “collectible” Duncan counterweight.

I think they play similar, though I’ve only played the Freehand normal a couple times before I put the counterweight on to try to learn 5a (haven’t done that in a while as I’m still waiting for my knuckle to heal :stuck_out_tongue: ). I have yet to try the FHZ with a counterweight.

And then what Mitch said as well about the molds probably explains the specifics more of why they make both of them.

Oh yeah, and the FHZ is about $10 more.

Hope I helped. :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen a FH3.

I’m pretty sure he just ment to put “Feehand Zero”.

The biggest difference is the FHZ has a sticker lip

And the caps come off.

Lolz… Whoopsies… My bad

The FHZ is a rounded yoyo and has plastic, bulbous caps that say FH Zero on them. The FH (FH2) is a narrower yoyo with cardboard caps that say freehand or has a mean die character biting a string. These may or may not come with rubber weight rings under them. The FHZ also comes with 3 different counter weights (a character, a die, and a bouncy ball) while the FH2 only comes with a die.

my fh2 had a panda head

Then you got one of the newer ones.

Oh, I forgot to mention, as well as being larger, the FHZ has a bit more of flared shape too. They’re both “Butterfly” shaped, but the FHZ is a bit more flared. They also both come with and extra set of spacers.

I got my Freehand at Toys-R-Us. I chose it because it came with the monkey head. The only other one they had came with the Duncan guy head. I ordered my FHZ online, and wouldn’t you know it, it came with the monkey head too. As well as a yellow bouncy ball and a blue die.