Freehand Pro


About time! Anyone try one yet? I’m thinking about picking one up.


You mean these below!?
If so, I picked one up when they first came out and still prefer the FHZ. But not entirely bad…
Definitely worth trying!! :slight_smile:


How good is the FHZ? How does it compare to, say, the replay?


The FHZ is a very capable player. Classic design. Popular with all the cool guys at the time. Still plays great even with the ravages of time and the hype for new stuff.


I have plenty of FHZ’s and plenty of Reply Pros… I still throw my FHZ’s more often, thats for sure! Both play great!! And what JHB said is very true, FHZ still plays great and is a very capable player today! :stuck_out_tongue:

FHZ > FH Pro
FHZ > Replay Pro
FH Pro < Replay Pro

…just my opinions though! Not saying the FH Pro is bad either but mine doesn’t get played as much as I thought it would… I still go for the FHZ (or even the FH2)!


MMMmmmmm it’s alright. It’s not bad and is very playable. IMO the skyva is WAAAAY better. it’s still fun to mess around with and deff worth having. It feels a little too light and hollow for my tastes. Compared to the FHZ I’d pick the FHZ. I wish they would have stuck with the overall design and materials used on FHZ and then just widened the gap a little, modernize the response system, and use a bigger bearing. I’m not mad I spent money on the FHP at all though. i dig it.


The Freehand Pro is basically Duncan’s answer to the plastic competition shape throw. I think it’s better for 5a play, because of the gap and shape, but I like the FHZ more for 1a - it feels more solid and I dig the old school flavor. In terms of competition worthy plastics, the Cabal blows the FH Pro away.

I know you already know this LinksLegionaire - what follows is for folks who might read this and don’t know: you can play a stock FHZ for unresponsive play, but unmodified FHZs have a friction sticker that sticks out into the gap, which really increases the friction against the string, even if you’re good about playing in plane. This one I’m using in this video is modified - it has a silicone recess so that the response isn’t sticking out into the gap, and the sticker lips are removed. This setup is super legit:


The Taka edition is calling my name. Haha! Normally I’m not a huge fan of red, for some reason I’m really digging the looks of it.


I found the stock FHZ to be a bit light for my taste. I fixed that by adding fat o-rings like the FH2 had. Spintastics used the same fat o-rings in their yoyos.


I gave mine away to some kid during Christmas. I prefer my Mg,s.


I am not a big fan of the Freehand Pro because it just does not feel right in my hand, but, the Translucent Yellow W/ Genuine Logo looks too cool to pass-up.


The freehand zero was my main throw back in the mid 2000s and I thought it was an incredible upgrade to both the original freehand and the freehand 2 (both of which I owned and loved). But I also feel like the freehand pro is an awesome upgrade and personally prefer it to my zero. Replay pro is a good yo-yo as well and I would put them on about the same play level.
P.S. you can make a zero play very well unmodded by swapping out the friction stickers for thin dif pads. Start with one new dif pad and when it becomes too unresponsive add the other one.