what was duncan using?

what was team duncan using in competitons before the screaming eagle line?
I can imagine them using FH0’s while other guys were using i dont know…hitmans?

Why not, it’s a capable yoyo.

In the beginning of the millenium the duncan members used bearing wheels for 1a and 5a. Then of course as time progressed the freehand one was born which most used. Now with the age of unresponsive…most use Modded Duncan freehand Zeros. Pad recessed.

Takeshi to this day still does a wicked pad recess to Zeros.

yes, while it is capable (Worlds 07 T-sev)
It does demand skill, wich, I guess means the duncan players have more skill in terms of throwing power?

The MFHZ, is not in the screaming eagle line.

nobody said anything about metal zeros…

I’m not a big fan of Freehands, but anybody who says that they are not a more than capable throw, or people need to be better in order to do well with them is just crazy.

In the original post the OP guy mentioned the Hitman. He implied that it was much better than the FH. The Hitman was released in 2003. In 2005 Jack Ringca won 5a nationals with a FH and Bu-ko won 5a worlds with a FH. So you can see that even after the Hitman was released, people where using and winning with FH’s.

I’m just saying, they would probably be using that?

Really?!? Most of Duncan Crew that is over seas play the Metal Zero. This is not a great example but you get the idea:

I think professionals would prefer the plastic FH over the metal one. For reasons unknown. ???

There is a contest at the end of this vid that there are some being used.



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they are a capable throw, they just require more modification to play how you want

i didn’t imply anything,I was looking back at year '03 when unresponsive play was just about dominating, the hitman was probably the most notable yoyo of that time ::slight_smile: