Duncan, YYJ, YYF and OneDrop check it out !!!! BST

Okay, just a BST to get some awesome throws to new owners because I no longer use them. I accept cash or trades so don’t be shy to offer some things up. The prices I desire are set next to the yoyos. Browse and send me a personal message ;D

YoyoFactory MVP 1,
Offer Trades

Yoyojam Legacy 2 (Good condition, near mint)

God Trick’s Windforce (slight scuffs, nothing to affect play)

One Drop Burnside (Slight knicks, and scuffs. Does not affect play)

Werrd Hour (One Scuff, does not affect play)

Yoyofactory 888x (Beat to hell, Vibey, dinged. Good 5a yoyo)

Yoyojam Atmosphere (Slight Scuffs, usual YYJ Vibe)

Yoyojam Revolution (Worn silicone pads, worn caps, slight tarnish on rims)

Yoyojam Darkmagic 2 (Beat, vibey, cracked. Still playable just vibey)

Duncan Hayabusa (Scuffed, used, rusted bearing but still spins well)

Duncan Hayabusa SL (Also scuffed, used, rusted bearing but spins well)

Duncan Imperial (Minimal scuffs)

Duncan Butterfly (Minimal Scuffs)

Shipping not included in prices.
Glow Protostar
YYJ Inspire