Cone Take A Look At Some Awesome Throws!!!

Hello and welcome to my B/S/T! I hope you like my yoyos and plan on buying or trading for some of them! But first some rules before you start looking.


All prices, of course, are negotiable

All the yoyos I put as “Offer” is because I don’t know a price to put on the yoyo or they are too beat up to put a price on it

All prices include shipping and tracking

All yoyos come with the string that I had in them unless you tell me otherwise

If you think some prices are too high just PM me and we will talk about it

I CAN accept PayPal, but I PREFER to take a Postal Money Order

If you have higher feedback than me I will absolutely ship first, but if you have less feedback than me you will most likely ship depending on the deal

[u]My Wants

Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works (CLYW)


OneDrop Yoyos (OD)

Vs Newton Yoyo Concepts (VsNYYC)

Duncan FHZs

Adegele Plastics

G Squared Yoyos

Yoyos Up For Sale And Trade

Near Mint (One Tiny Pinprick) First Run Black Hardcoat with Purple Inside Yoyofactory BOSS ~ $65.56 (Negotiable)

Mint Pink Yoyofactory Popstar ~ $21.56

Near Mint (Microscopic Flat Spot That Cannot Be Captured By Camera) Red Large Bearing Yoyofactory Dv888 ~ 45.56

Not Mint (White “Scratches” On Rims) Aqua with Yellowish/Green Hubstacks Yoyofactory 888 ~ Offer

Not Mint (Two Dings with One Scratch) Aqua with Clear Z-Stacks Yoyofactory G5 ~ Offer

Mint Yellow/Black Duncan Bumble Bee ~ Offer

Not Mint (Dings On Both Rims) Yoyojam Black Dark Magic II ~ Offer

Mint Half Solid Blue Half Solid Yellow OneDrop 54 ~ $100.56

Mint CLYW BvM ~ $110.56

Pics Here:

Yoyofactory BOSS:

Yoyofactory Popstar:

Yoyofactory DV888:

Yoyofactory 888:

Yoyofactory G5:

Duncan Bumble Bee:

YoyoJam Dark Magic II:

OneDrop 54: Pics Up Soon


why do all the prices have 56 cents added on to them?

where are the bvm pics

hey man how much do you want for the dark magic yoyo i would love to have i cant get a new one so i thought you might have a good price ???