Duncan Trans-Axtion

Just picked up a Duncan Trans-Axtion from a thrift shop. It seems to be in good shape but the string definitely showed its age. I’ve tried replacing the string but none of the string I have can get the yoyo to return. Is it the string I’m using or just worn return system from being a 20 year old yoyo? Can’t really fix worn starburst return but I’m sure there’s something I could do in place of it.


Oil the transaxle with a thick lube and double wrap the loop around the axle could help. Or you can learn how to bind


Nylon transaxle - used to run into this with my Fireballs back in the day. I always used petroleum jelly/Vaseline to get it to respond (or as a kid, thought it made it sleep longer)


Ive tried binding with it but even that doesn’t seem to work consistently. I didn’t even think of something as simple as double looping it though, I’ll have to try that.