Duncan Torque vs YYR Diffusion??? 1A, 3A, 5A???

Which one would be better overall, fingerspins, horizontal, 3A and 1A mainly but I play some 5A… How do each play? I’ve seen the torque being compared to YYRs so they must be pretty good…

Definitely the torque. Personally, I play 3a mainly and I just feel that metal holds up to damage a lot more than plastic. The diffusion is good, but it is plastic, so it can crack. Once it cracks, you can be quite sure that there will be vibe meaning that fingerspins will be a hella lot more difficult.

I can confirm that the torque plays well, better than the diffusion. As for fingerspins, stock, the diffusions have a concave well, but the torque can fingerspins just as well. The concave hub of the diffusion is shallow, so you have to land close to the middle, for full effect. Torques accept lateral caps, so it can actually fingerspin exceptionally, but stock, it fingerspins fine.

Horizontal wise, the torque is probably better just due to its more powerful spin. They both have low walls, so horizontal isn’t really a problem for either, just a matter of who does it better.

Both are very stable, but I’d go for the torque since it edges out the diffusion in pretty much all catorgories.

Absolutely torque…

You haven’t played the new diffusion, have you? Total beast mode plastic yoyo.

Torque. Owned both.

Actually, I have. I was talking about the new diffusion. I wouldn’t even consider the old one.