Duncan Torque Became Responsive?

Hey guys, so I got a Duncan Torque in the mail today. For the first couple hours everything was great, surprisingly smooth, stable etc. Out of nowhere it became responsive. So I put the bearing into a different throw to see if it was the problem and needed cleaning (not sure why it would it’s brand new) and the other throw was still dead unresponsive and quiet. Could it be the pads? I use fat Kitty String too but that wasn’t an issue earlier either. Any help would be great.

Do you have thinner strings available to try? You have already ruled out a bearing cleaning so I can only think the gap is possibly small with fat strings or that a response pad has popped out a little bit and sometimes snags.

What colour are the reponse pads? I know older models of the Roadrunner, people complained they snagged too much so they changed to clear response pads and my Roadrunner has never snagged on me.

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They’re the white Duncan pads, yeah it’s still snaggy with the cheap slim string that came with it. Maybe the bearing is still breaking in? I have new pads coming this week so if nothing else fixes it I’ll try the different pads. It’s weird though because everything was fine out of the box. Fat string was no problem, bearing was smooth and quiet, now it’s a little louder and very responsive, not even snagging at this point just straight responsive

I can only suggest try cleaning the bearing regardless of having tested it, it doesnt make sense that a clean, non responsive bearing would be responsive and normally there is a simply explanation to these things. if its not that, maybe a Voodoo curse?

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Update: I cleaned the bearing with 100% Acetone, put a tiny drop of thin lube in, voilà. Guess something got in the bearing on day one. We live and learn! Just glad my brand new bearing isn’t defective or anything.

Cleaning the bearing did the trick! Thank you for responding and helping me out I appreciate it.