Duncan Strix or YYR Sleipnir / Triplet/ Z-On


Which should I get? Considering I’m not rich .

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you can afford it get the Sleipnir. The Strix is nice and all but it won’t compete with YYR

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It’s completely possible that this guy could like the Strix more than the sleipner.

What are you looking for in a yoyo?


Triplet and Z-ON aren’t really that good for 1a, only made for 3a/5a respectively. Sleipnir is sort of bland in my opinion. I would buy the duncan torque over the strix.




Where would I be able to buy a torque if I may ask?

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You can get it right here:


Yeah but it’s out of stock XD.


Should be restocking soon! ;D


And how much time is soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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How fast do you need this yoyo?


Hmm well a week or two from now . Why?


I completely disagree with this. Have you tried a triplet? My triplet is completely fine and dead smooth for 1a, works just as well as any of my other yoyos.


Yes he might enjoy it more but in terms of performance, the strix isn’t at all in the same league.

Nothing against the strix, it’s one of the funnest yoyos I have, but when I want pure performance, I go for YYR.


The Sleipnir is one of the best performing yoyos I’ve every tried. I currently own about 20 throws, but have had well over 100 pass through my collection over the years. To me, the only yoyos that beat it out in pure performance are the Draupnir and the General Yo Magnum.

The Strix simply doesn’t hold a candle to the Sleipnir. The Z-On and Triplet weren’t my favorite yoyos for 1A, but for 5A and 3A they are wonderful.

My advice is to get the Sleipnir and forget about the rest.

(Edited to add): As some of the above (and deleted) posts have mentioned, there is a fair amount of elitism regarding high-end Japanese yoyos. Our MrGeezer sometimes, in my opinion, blurts out more than he means to and we wind up with what we had here a few minutes ago, but his views are definitely not based on nonsense. He owns a lot of yoyos and has found what he’s looking for in high-end Japanese throws the same way a lot of us have. I can’t personally think of anyone among us who qualifies as a straight-up elitist in regards to these yoyos, but comments about these things head in that direction more times than not no matter what the intentions of the posters are. Just buy what you like the look, specs, and idea of best while taking our comments into minor consideration along the way and you’ll wind up much happier than if you just buy what people tell you to.


I love the Sleipnir also but they aren’t easy to find. I’m certainly not planning on letting mine go :slight_smile: I do agree with buying whatever you like in terms of looks and specs. Really, most people will be fine with any modern yoyo. Some people like to have variety, myself included, but almost all modern throws perform well enough to satisfy the needs of the average yoyoer. I still like the idea of NOT starting out with a world class throw. You can learn a lot with a cheap throw, and later you really appreciate how good some of the expensive stuff is. Now I’m rambling…

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He hasn’t asked which is a complete performance monster. He really hasn’t let us know what he wants in a yoyo tbh.

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