Duncan Skyhawk gap.

The gap on the Skyhawk is getting forward now how is like that what does it mean… Like there are engraving of Skyhawk and Duncan on sides. And when first started using Skyhawk the engravings where almost aligned on the side. And then it goes a bit forward like an inch and then like more and more and it almost has completed a full circle and is aligned again. And its not like that the gap is getting tight the gap is there I thinkht. But why is it moving like that I think it happens after dropping it sometimes. Pictures for idea.


I think the threading of your yoyo got stripped, or your axle is too far in to one half. If you tighten it and it suddenly becomes loose, then tightens and becomes loose again, on and on, check that your axle is not too far in to one side. If you centre the axle and it still does it, your threads are stripped. You can still play it but it may unscrew during play so be careful.

These things happen with offstring yoyos a lot. When you drop a yoyo, the threads weaken, so more drops will sooner or later strip the threading.

If the above is not the case, dropping an offstring yoyo might make one of the sides hit the ground first, effectively stopping while the other half might still have momentum from the spin, either tightening or loosening the yoyo.

I doubt this is a problem but keep an eye on the threads.

The skyhawk has a nut/bolt axle system, so the axle can’t be too far to one side. The axle doesn’t come out.

Any reason found why this could be happening? And the axle is not stripped I think.

It might not be stripped yet, but it might be getting there.

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Are the rims attached separately from the rest of the body? If you tighten the yoyo will it keep going? if you look at the nut while tightening will it spin along with the body indicating the axle got stripped? can it be disassembled in a way you can inspect the nuts/axle for potential strip? are the nuts held in place by the plastic body or just go around with the axle?
I think it “might” be the rims are actually push fit just like Hayabusa, so they can spin around, I’ve never seen a Skyhawk in person so I can’t say for sure.
I doubt if it’s an “almost stripped axle”, because if it does strip, it will went bad and should be obvious especially for 4a yoyos. There is no “it’s starting to strip but not stripped yet because the halves only spin slowly against each other”, that just doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t happen gradually, either stripped or not stripped.
I think it should be a lot easier for you to inspect it than us…

The skyhawk’s nuts and bolts are inaccessible without breaking it. The rims are the same piece of plastic as the body.

Has anyone ever taken a Protostar apart or a Grind Machine? And the little Arrows don’t line up? Same principle here. Its fine, the only problem would be if you are OCD.

Have you Philip had this kind of problem with your Skyhawk or is it you don’t drop it?

Yeah, I never drop offstring yoyos. Total JK. I don’t play with my skyhawk that much, so I it’s pretty close to how it came.

You’re probably right.

This is an utter and direct mischaracterization of our Yo-Yo! There is little nipple nut caps that hold both the Bolt and Nut in place. This Yo-Yo is even compatible with Mod Spacers and more to come.