Skyline help!

My Skyline is completely screwed! The axel is all the way in one side of the yoyo! :’( I dont know what to do!!! Do I send it back (I bought it from a user so)? IDK what to do! Please help me out cant afford a $125 loss!!!

Did you step on it? Can you unscrew it/take it appart? Maybe you could find a way to contact YoYoFactory. Message the user you bought it off of, and ask if he experianced similar problems with the skyline.

I didn’t step on it at all. No I can’t even screw it together!! I thought the axel was to short when I got it but didn’t pay much attention to it. The axel is almost completely hidden in one side of the yoyo!

can you unscrew the axle and take it out of the yoyo? hint- you might not be able to do it with your hands so pliers might help. just dont break the yoyo. and if you do manage to take it out. make sure its the right axle size for a yoyo with hubstacks

There is only 1-2 cm of the axel sticking out!

post a picture?
watch the video- im not sure if this works for the skyline but when he takes the hubstacks out the whole axel comes out. also, 2 cms should be enough for the tip of pliers right? and where is the other side of the axle? is it in the yoyo or coming out the other side?

Did you get it like this?

Sorry for the junky pics (phone camera). And I really don’t know how it got like that but it must have been me.

have you tried taking the axle out with pliers yet? from the pic it looks like there is enough room. grip the axle with the pliers firmly but dont dent the axle or anything. then just spin the yoyo until the axle comes out. once it’s out you can try fixing it from there or u can get a new axle etc

Im about to.

let me know how it goes

The axel wasn’t even 1 cm long!!! So now the yoyo won’t even screw together it just screws the axel into one side! ??? ??? ???

skyline axles are supposed to be 10mm long  10mm = 1 cm. its supposed to be that way. heres proof

idk why it doesnt screw back together. maybe the threads are stripped?
e-mail that guy asking or help and he usually replies with-in 1-2 days

Go to a hardware store and look for a metric set screw of the right size.

It’s probably a 4mm x .7mm pitch, x whatever length.

They didn’t have any long enough…

Then just buy a regular screw that’s long enough and cut the head off. Use a fine file or coarse stone to smooth the cut end.

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Great idea!

My skyline had the same problem. what happened is YYF shipped them with an 8mm axle instead of a 12mm. i contacted YYF and they shipped me a new axle. simple as that

I dont have time for shipping lol! and thanks