my Poor SKYLINE!

i was on my bike while my skyline was on my holder on my belt loop, and i fell on it! i belive i need a replacement axle, the only thing wrong with it is it has terrible vibe. i know its not the bearing, tried using a brand new bearing on it, still bad. WHATS WRONG WITH IT! is there any thing more i can do? i tried a clean bearing, will try to get a new axle. used a level on it, and its off.

Pictures please.

I agree post some pictures of it head on and in halves so we can check things out. Maybe remove the axle and roll it on a flat surface, this should reveal any irregularity in its shape. If the axle isn’t true, then its needs to be replaced obviously but you may have damaged the hub which could be causing the axle to not sit properly.

thanks, i need to borrow a friends camera first so gimme a few days

The worst possible case is the stack post also bent.

worst and most likely.

not sure if i should post here but whateva… who can fix my skyline for me? like if i could send it to someone who can diagnose and fix it. the axle is fine. i dont have a camera capable of posting here or online. the stack post also seems fine.

It takews very little bend for the yoyo to become unstable and wobbly. You may not even be able to see it. There are many people that can fix it for you. Check the trustworthy modder thread.

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it actually quite obvious that the yoyo is bent. i even put a level on top of the yoyo and it was way off. thanks, i will try to send it to someone.

When I bent the hub of my Superstar I thought about hub modding it, but decided against it. What I did was take the bearing out (but have the yo-yo screwed together), put it in my lathe’s chuck (a flat surface would work fine too), and slowly rotate it to see which side it was bent toward. Then I firmly bent it back into shape with my hands. The Superstar still has a little vibe, but it isn’t bothersome anymore.

I was around with 5a with my Hectic one day at a yo-yo club. I dropped it pretty hard and bent its hub really bad. On that yo-yo, I didn’t bother to take it apart or even remove the string. I just found on which side the two halves were bent away from each other, placed the yo-yo on the ground, put my knee into the cup of the yo-yo, and used my weight to help me bend it back into shape. That Hectic was smoother after that incident than it was before I dropped it.

Your mileage may vary, but it’s worth noting that it is possible to bend them back.

That’s true.

My Sharp somehow was damaged by my kids. Don’t know who, when, why or how, but the bottom line is I’ll never be told the truth. I sent it to Landon Balk for retapping since I figured that was the problem. It was, but it wasn’t the only problem. He also had to bend it back into position. It’s playing really smooth too.

i will also try to snd my skyline to landon balk! thank everyone