need help from a talented modder

Hey everyone, so when i was at a contest/meet i got a chief in a trade :o but i later realized that the little post that sticks out is slightly bent :-\causing the yoyo to vibe, can anyore re-bend the post to make it smoother?

Most someone can do is force it back with their bare hands. Maybe a hub mod?

Just brainstorming, but what about having a clamp on the table, and attached to the hub so it is bent upwards, then put your weight on it and lean on it?

This would be my first choice! But it is not that obivous, now that i think about it the axle post is my main concern that is the bent part. Sorry. What is a hub mod?

Cutting the hub out of another yoyo and having it fitted in the Chief lol

Thats what I meant. You are talking the part that comes out of the side so the axle has room to screw in? If you mean the inside where the trheads are, there is no bending that back

What is the survival rate?

Just a guess…

-12836578/-183 :stuck_out_tongue: xD

By an experienced modder, almost 100%. Best bet would be Kyo, but he charges a premium. Landon could fix it too and just as well.

Landon aka 3YO3 ;D.

Get side effects modded onto it, that would surly fix the issue!:slight_smile:

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Who does that kind of mod?

You could probably Ask Landon

He would probably have to cut the guts out of a One Drop.