bent superstar help please!

ok, so the other day i got into a skateboard accident and my yoyo was in my pocket. when i fell, I landed in a manner that ripped both halves apart tearing out the internal threading, bending the hubstack post and bending one half of the yoyo.(it also screwed up the bearing but thats an easy fix)
i just wanted to ask you guys wat i should try. my friend suggested sending it to yoyofactory. Is this a good idea?

any help is GREATLY appreciated

Hmmmmmmm, I don’t think YYF would do anything, it didn’t break because of a defect, it broke because of you, so there is really no reason for them to exchange it.

Get a new yoyo and sell the parts of the superstar?

there is not much you can do about it… do what the person above me said

You could contact RiceRocket and possibley get him to do the Delrin Hub mod.

Yeah, your best bet is to talk to a modder. Whether he tries to fix it or you just sell it to him will depend on what you work out.

(This “Delrin Hub Mod” is actually just a hub mod, using delrin for the new hub. Basically anything can be used for it, not just delrin.)

dude, that sounds horrible. i dont think yyf would fix it, because as mentioned above, its not a defect.
you should try to sell the parts and get a new superstar if you want.
moral of the story: dont skateboard with fragile stuff in your pocket (its really a given)

the pic might show how it can be fixed

agreed. Im no master with yoyos but im a pretty good mechanic for a 12 year old.(I can tell you exactly how a wind up clock or watch works)

i can show pics but you probably wouldnt be able to see anything because most of the stuff is only big enough to make the yoyo vibrate and wobble like crazy, when i can get it to screw together.

Also, i dont mean to sound like a noob, but what parts are there to sell?

if the hub post is only bent then it can be cut off and the axle can be shortened any ways i think u should send it to ricerocket or tyler3490

Did you get it from YYE?

thats what i was thinking. I know he could at least re thread the stripped axle.

Come on, we’re trying to help you here.

And your point of this is?? ???

What more do you think he needs to say for you to help him more than has already been suggested here?

yes i did, and sorry i didnt respond sooner. ive worked it out tho, and i got a 2010 severe

If You Still have the Superstar I’ll buy it off of you.

sorry, i dont have have it anymore

Your only chance is to bend it back with a vice and reshape it with a lathe and satin it. OR… buy a new one. :smiley:

^^^^ huge sig much?