Duncan Reflex - Anything?


Does anyone know anything about this Yo - Yo or its maitenance, besides it being an auto-return.


I believe auto returns only need string change or replacement entirely.


I have had one for a few years, and the only maintenence it needs is string changes.

It’s not heavy enough to give good sleep times, though. I would think that the Buterfly GT would be a better beginner’s choice, since they have similar weight and the BGT has a bearing, which will probably give more sleep time. If you really want an auto-return, Yomega’s are better.


If you’ve worn out the friction stickers, it’s time to move on to something better.

Now, that aside:

A bit of a thick lubricant on the axle. Wax works good.
Transaxle: the o-ring can dry out and get too chewed up over time and could use replacing. If you’re having this issue, if you haven’t moved on by now, I don’t think I can help you.
Friction stickers. These can wear out fast, so that might be one area to look at.

I do agree that the Yomega Brain is better, and it has a starburst response system, meaning one less maintenance item to deal with.


There’s starburst under the friction stickers, so you really don’t have to put friction stickers back in. Also, the main response for an auto return is the transaxle itself: when the axle locks, it winds itself back up. About twelve years ago, when I was in middle school and the yoyo boom was in, everyone had auto return yoyos. I don’t remember any of them at that time having anything other than the clutch transaxle and starburst.


Thank you very much for the information, Studio. :slight_smile:

Oh and I changed it from being an auto return by removing the clutch/auto-return system. Though it weighs too little now and is completely unfun to play with… But I’ll be getting a legacy 2 for christmas so its alright :smiley:

(Waylon) #7

Hats off to this guy for a great attitude :slight_smile: You’ll love that Legacy, by the way.