duncan red shirts

I know the guys at Duncan and they aren’t going to do anything unless he sells them. Then he’ll get a letter of cease and desist. If he continues to sell then he’ll need an attorney.

well i think ill be fine. lol

As do I.

You’ll be fine.

Cant only team only members

No, aim low, so you wont be dissapointed in the end.

Fo sho

spoil sport

Truth hurts sometimes.
But it is what it is.


jayyo, ichtus used to be myl east favorite yoyoexpert emplyee but now youve taken his place.

first of all we aren’t employee’s. Second you aren’t the only one that thinks that.

I told you Josh.

Apparently so.

Sorry if I come across as blunt.

But one thing I live by.

“Haters gonna hate”

tomaters gonna tomate.

Apparently you are giving people a very good reason lately. There can be only one cyclontzy. Why are you trying to be like him?

he speaks his mind wats wrong with that? ??? I respect him for it :wink:

Ha! Truth.

but actually, I started to actually appreciate Alex’s post, I realize why he says what he says, I can relate.

But nah, I don’t consider myself to be “the next Alex” or anything, I am just who I am.