Duncan Crew Worldwide...disbanded?

Well, this is definitely shocking news for our small community.

About a few hours ago I saw various Duncan players posting personal posts saying they have now left/disbanded from Duncan. This is truly heart breaking to see this happen, as this is on a global scale, not just one or two players.

Iconic crews like the Singapore crew and Japan crew, now disbanded. Players like Maya Nakamura will no longer be associated with Duncan. Heck, even Paul Escolar has now been disbanded and he has been with them for 15 years.

There is no official word as to “Why” this has happened. I do not suspect there will be an official word. I would hope so since this is a lot of players all on the spot.


This may be a silly question but does this include the USA crew?

Real bummer either way.

I know this is gonna sound kinda silly but I thought I would Always picture 2 of my All time Yoyo Legends(Paul Escolar and Takeshi Kamisato) wearing Duncan shirts.

Not to mention Chris Makita and the Brothers from Brazil. And Brian Cabildo.

If Duncan ‘Tanked’ their high profile boys for no good reason; I gotta admit that Duncan just Fizzled out on my Popularity scale.

Too bad.


I hear it’s so they can reform World Team Proyo.

But that’s just a rumor…


I almost make a new thread asking the same question…

silent golf clap

I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but love that. Ah the days of old.

Yes this does include the USA Crew. Mark Mcbride officially posted something on his wall. Paul Escolar is also those amongst them. It is suspected players like Takashi and Drewtetz are too. Glasseye as well.

This is something that is on a world-wide scale. Which is really surprise.

Word is that this has been spoken about for quite sometime but has not happened until now. We shall have to wait and see on if there is an official word.

There is a MASSIVE amount of speculation going on… let’s just see how this actually plays out.



There were recently changes in highest management(not sure if just Duncan or whole Flambeau) and Duncan are going through many changes. Now came reduction of team, soon I expect changes to products and also new approach to marketing.

Holy crap!

I’m not really surprised, once a company gets big enough a lot of times they lose sight of things. It becomes all about the profit margins, lowest cost of labor, etc. this is generally in any sort of business. They just lose sight of what it was all about in the first place. This is generally because they sold out to a bigger corporation and are t able to make their own choices anymore, though on the other hand it’s not always the larger entity that makes these decisions. I’m interested in seeing how this plays out though.

I hope they keep something going.

Does anyone have a link to this post

What protest??? There’s been none mentioned here. Just a lot of speculation so far.


Didn’t Colin Beckford kinda recently join the team? Just to have it disbanded, would seem to be bad luck.

Oops wasnt thinking, I meant post

Team wasn’t disbanded, more like downsized, they keep bunch of their active competitive players and I expect Colin being one of them.

Yeah, I heard about this last night, it really sucks to get cut from a team, but hopefully Duncan is pulling their act together since you hardly ever hear about them, except for the FH series

I feel for the lesser known players as well. Living the dream, sponsored by Duncan, and then cut from the team.

Ummm, Duncan is part of a very large corporation. They’ve been accused of this many times in the past regarding their handling of the yoyo company and it’s representatives. Deja vu…

Steve Brown cleared up (sorta) the confusion as to why they disbanded the crew.

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Now I’m wondering who’s the 10-15 people left…