Does anyone else here agree that YYF has too many players?

I think that they should be more spread out among teams

But then again YYF might be the only company with that kind of money to sponsor that many people.

But either way they need to fire some people. (jk[btw didn’t YYE take jk {the throw}off the site?])

I agree. I also would say they have most of the good players. They have also stolen players…

well, money makes the world go around, they have enough money to sponsor as many players as possible and so they do, and since they have so much money they can easily get the best players.

Think yoyofactory seems like the have a lot of players because they advertise their players a lot. There’s some other companies that have a lot more players than I realize

There is no such thing as too many people sponsored. Basically what your saying here is I think YYF helps too much seeing as the reason you know their players is because YYF sends them to so many contests which they probably couldn’t afford to go to on their own.

Duncan has the team…

“I like yyf. YYF offer me sponsorship. I take sponsorship.” Simple as that.

The more players that are sponsored, the more people being put out there to promote yo-yo as a sport and activity. Granted, they aren’t getting Michael Jordan $46-million a year endorsement contracts, but hey, this is yo-yo.

The only downside is that with too many sponsored players, sponsored players can totally dominate competitions. It’s best to spread them around in their home regions for the smaller events.

Other than that, if a company wants to put money behind a player, then so be it.

If you think YYF has too many players, take Duncan for comparison like Ichtus said. Reply here if we’re wrong.
Typical YYF-bashing thread right here. Mods, you know what to do.

Fixed. :slight_smile:

The Duncan team is MASSIVE, YYF has alot and so does YYJ. No I do not agree that they have TOO many, I just don’t see the relavancy here.

Duncan and YYF need more players than other companies. They are the ones on the front lines getting people into yoyoing. YYJ does a good job of inceasing the player base too. I think that they are doing what they need to do to advance the sport and their business. We need more.

Yeah but here is the thing, news flash! Its not a bashing of Yoyofactory! The OP is simply implying about the excessive amount of people on Yoyofactory and I fully agree with that.

However when you put simple thought into it: They have the money to shell out to players and buy money meaning product and air-fare. The simple truth of dominance. Smaller yoyo companies simply cannot do that.

While it displeases me, its reality.

Duncan on the other hand has a world wide sponsorship crew from literally every facet of the world and then some.

Its kinda nuts.

We do need more business, more promotion and more players but when there will be a company that has like 50+ members…don’t you feel a sort of power imbalance?


I should be concerned about how many players a yoyo company has? Please…Really…It’s just doesn’t impact me in any negative way! How many players a yoyo company has isn’t really any of my business.

Yoyo companies have enough challenges, regardless of their size! If having more players is helpful, or even something that’s enjoyable, and the players are happy and the company is happy, it’s a good deal.

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More sponsored players = more people supported to do what they enjoy.

Oh boy! I can’t wait for Ben to see this!

I don’t understand the question.

Too many players? Does not compute.

How can the world have not enough players???



Let me get this straight…

Somebody’s complaining because one of the “big corporates” of the yoyo world is putting their money where their mouth is and actually paying a bunch of talented people to play yoyo for them??