How hard is it to be sponsered easy or hard??? which company would be the best to be sponsered by???


If you have to ask, you probably won’t be. :wink:

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Just get good and have fun, it might come your way one day.


First of all if you are wondering how to get sponsored you are yoyoing for the wrong reasons. Yoyoing is to have FUN not get sponsored. If you are asking to be sponsored it will probably not happen. Their also is not company that is the best to be sponsored by. I would take a sponsorship to most companies that would even take me. Just have fun and enjoy yourself. Stuff like this happens in time. :wink:


Um, what? He just wants to know how hard it is, that doesn’t mean he’s not having fun…


Yeah he’s right i was just asking


In retrospect that reply was too flippant. Let’s try again…

The harder you try to be sponsored, the harder it is. Obviously you should have some skills, but you don’t have to be the best. Having a good personality helps, as does being involved in the yoyo scene. Companies are looking for someone to represent them in a favorable manner. That involves being helpful, easy to get along with and not being a self centered jerk. Those traits are as important as skill. Skill will get you noticed, but after that you need the rest to make you a candidate for sponsorship.


Okay, On top of being really good at yoyoing you have to be at least on of these three things:

-Good with kids.(Good and patiant enough to teach)
-God like yoyo skills. (If you go beyond the really good level)

That’s really what you need to be sponsered by a company and you have to have fun and be well part of the yoyoing communnity (People have to know who you are respect you and recognize you)


Just go throw. :wink:




Dude some sponsored girls are terrible


I dont even know of any girls that are sponsored other than ann connoly and she’s pretty good IMO, she can yoyo circles around me, but I do think she uses the whole “girl” thing to her advantage.


Corli Du Toit is a sponsored female and married to Kritiawan Kaluza (weird huh).


They’re sponsered cause they’re really good at yoyoing then. And number 2 can apply to guys too but that doesn’t happen very often (just kidding) :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone was super good at yoyoing and looked good I would want to sponser them mascot of my company. if someone was super good at yoyoing and they were good at teaching other people how to yoyo, I would sponser them. If someone won contests left and right, I would want to sponser them.

It’s all about who’s well known, well connected, and skilled when companies look for someone to sponser.


harder than use the spell check ;D ;D ;D

actually, when you are sponsored you represent a company, therefore you have to have a good image (and it also means that you can spell) for the company to use.

the best company to be sponsored by is the one YOU prefer.

All companies don’t always sponsor the same kind of people

YYF for example tends to favor players who win competitions (national champs or international champs or contenders) whereas a company like OD will sponsor more “creative” and “community” players, Duncan might be sponsoring more “politically correct” yet still AWESOME players.
5A players might be harder to sponsor by other brands than Duncan too because of the patent they’re holding (there are sponsored 5A players outside of Duncan tho but the use of 5A for promotion is restrained so…). And I’ve always found that YYJ tends to sponsor “flashy” players

there are other ways to get free yoyos tho :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

being sponsored means having responsibilities too


I think that for my preferences I’d probably want to work for One Drop, possibly others(any pretty much but that’s the first that came to my mind). They just dont seem to worry about winning the worlds as much as being an awesome company. But I bet working at Duncan or YYF would also be cool, I know I’ll never be sponsored, but still.


Stu from Werrd likes Swedish Fish… just saying, if he is judging a contest near you, he gives clicks for bags of them.


5A players might be harder to sponsor by other brands than Duncan too because of the patent they’re holding (there are sponsored 5A players outside of Duncan tho but the use of 5A for promotion is restrained so…).
I’ve wondered about this as well. I’ve recently seen this video for c3 advertising a yoyo that is great for horizontal 5a. I was justcurious if they had to work that out with Duncan or what.


yea, the duncan patent doesn’t apply worldwide, but the biggest companies are american.

and I’m under the impression that china doesn’t really care that much about patents… (not criticizing here, I kinda like it on some levels)


Clyw, where is my antler cw?