Duncan raptor loose thread problems


I just noticed that every duncan raptor owner experience loose thread problems even me experience the same problem. I just wanted to know why this happens?


I don’t have this problem.

Be careful putting your Raptor back together. But, if you’re going to screw together and unscrew any yoyo, you run the risk of this happening.


Is it right to not be overtighten?


NEVER overtighten a yoyo, you risk stripping the axle.


This is sounds advice, stripping an axle is like having your face punched right before a “has your face been punched recently” test.


I stripped mine…


Never stripped mine. I’ve stripped plenty of yoyos’ axles (hence the name), but my Raptor has stayed all good.


Its fairly hard to over tighten any decent yoyo. You would really need to put some elbow grease into it. I suspect that most people don’t over tighten but cross thread them. At that point stripping them out would be easy and I could see why people would think they over tightened them.
This advice about over tightening seemed more logical back when you would bust out the axle tower in plastic yoyos. Think fhz.
If you axle is loose you probably cross threaded it.