Duncan Mosquito First Edition

I recently acquired one and would like to take the sidecaps off to mod it but can’t as there are no screws. How do I get them off?

Thanks in advance

You don’t. The first edition ones without the screws have sonic welded caps. You would have to pry the caps off with a screwdriver. This will without a doubt damage the yo-yo and caps somewhat and may even crack them. Your best bet is to leave it alone.

<--------- doesn’t think 47g is a good weight for a yoyo. >:(

I recently took the caps off of an old Mosquito for modding. I took an exacto knife and went inside the gap between the body and the cap to loosen it some, so that prying it apart didn’t cause as much damage. After adding the weighted objects the caps then had to be super-glued back on.

All in all, it was pointless because the old Mosquito is harder to mod than the newer ones, and if the mod doesn’t work very well( which mine didn’t), then it’s pretty much permanent. Weight mods on new ones are easier and reversible.

From my experience, get a new Mosquito to mod, or just get a Flying Squirrel. If you’re bored, then mess up the old yoyo just for the heck of it or just to experiment in modding. If it’s your only throw, don’t do it.

You must not have seen this topic.

There is a topic about this, not sure if it’s on the forum or another one, but you have to squeeze it in a vice and turn it and do it again until the caps pop off. I did it to the first mosquito I had and honestly it’s not really worth it because there is a chance that you will break it, which happened to me but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t work around.

Well this topic’s worthless to me now. I got the caps off fine. Check out the mods [urlhttp://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,32511.0.html]here![/url]