Duncan Mosquito+ OneDrop Novus Box Mod

This is just a really simple mod for a Mosquito than involves using the extra o-rings that come with the Novus Box as weight rings. I recomend doing this mod if you already have a Novus Box because that’s like 3 times as much as the yoyo you’re modding. Just spend five bucks on a Mosquito at WalMart and you’re set!

First, take the three extra o-rings out of the Novus Box (you only need two of them). Next, unscrew the the screws from the caps of the yoyo. This is fairly simple and they just pop off after the screws are out. Then you need to put an o-ring in the cup of each half of the yoyo, tucked in behind the screw posts for the caps. Push 'em in as fas as they will go for a snug fit. Finally, put the caps back on and enjoy a finally functional Duncan Mosquito! This mod brings the weight up to a still ultra-lite 52gm but you can still throw a small combo at it and get it back to your hand.