Novus Box O-rings work as weight rings!

I posted a little tweak a while back about using the OD Novus Box o-rings as weight rings for a Duncan Mosquito. A cool concept IMO, but it was a pesky installation process with “meh” results. Well I took some of my extra o rings from the Novus Box and started playing around with which yoyos they would fit in. Of the yoyos I own, here are the ones that gave me great results:

YYF 888x
YYF Yuuksta
CLYW Wooly Marmot (66g run)
YYF G5 (use the o rings already on the box. They are bigger due to stretching.)

The addition of the weight rings adds about 2g of weight to the yoyo, so it’s nothing too terribly heavy. Hope you like it! I’ll try to post pictures to this thread eventually!

It’s just as easy to go to the hardware store (funny how that keeps coming up) and get some fat o-rings that fit. Eliminates the middleman. :wink:

I thought it would come in handy to anyone who already owns the product. By no means would I condone spending money on aNovus Box just for this haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s how I read your post. Some of these admin types … :smiley:

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