Duncan mods, need help to make yo-yo's unresponsive.


Ok. So I went to Toys R Us for the first time in years and picked up:

A Pro Z


Metal Drifter


The Maverick was easy, I just replaced the bearing. (Too lazy to clean)

The Duncans. To make all of these unresponsive, do I only need to clean the bearings? I think I heard that you need to remove a friction sticker or something. I’m mostly interested in making my Metal Drifter un-responsive. Any other advice?


Clean the bearing, remove one sticker.


Alright, thanks.

Edit: Just to make sure, the sticker removal is necessary right?


It’s always worked ok for me. Save it for when the other one wears out.


I’m using some Kitty string super thin as well on mine. handles fair enough for the cost.


I didn’t remove any stickers I just cleaned the bearing and wore the stickers down


Some times a sticker needs to be removed sometimes not.

Just clean the bearing.

With the Duncan Freakhand and Metal Drifter you can silicone them, if you use Flowable and a fairly small amount.




For the Pro Z and Freakhand, you might need to remove a sticker and clean the bearing, as they come with Friction Stickers, which are pretty aggressive. For the Metal Drifter, you should only need to clean the bearing.


you can’t silicone a Metal drifter the recess I very shallow.


For me, the Freakhand and Metal Drifter went unresponsive with a bearing cleaning, no other mods. My Metal Drifter uses spacers, my son’s is newer and does not use spacers. The results are the same. I’m not removing any silicone stickers.

I don’t have a Maverick, so no comment.

With the ProZ, you might want different spacers and an A-sized CenterTrac or KK in there.


With the maverick it goes unresponsive after cleaning the bearing and wearing the pads down.i haven’t tried removing one pad though so that might give the same results


I don’t think you can silicone a metal drifter. Also you cannot silicon the freakhand with modding.


The Metal Drifter was the most responsive. I cleaned all the bearings.

All of them are nice and unresponsive thanks to you guys.

But I have a little problem with the Maverick.

The response is very very slippy and a lot of my binds will slip. It has very skinny pads. Will it accept silicone and will that help make the binds nice and snappy?