How to make the Duncan Metal Drifter Unresponsive

Lots of people ask how to make a Metal Drifter unresponsive. Well this is how. First you should replace the the bearing to a cleaned unresponsive bearing and a centering bearing would be the best for the metal drifter.Also remove one of the silicone stickers.I think it should work. I hope this helps! (If its too unresponsive just add the other silicone sticker back on).

should probably be posted somewhere else, i don’t know where though… i guess modification/maintenance would work. also, you should read forum rules… no linking other sites.

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oops i never knew that

Then…maybe you should fix it.

Ummm, the Drifter comes set up stock with silicone stickers.

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Hehe, I love jhb’s editing.

ok i hope that now my post is accurate :slight_smile:

To be honest, I don’t think you have to remove a silicone sticker. A clean bearing is all it takes.


I bought one of the current Metal Drifters for my son 3 weeks ago. Silicone stickers installed, no spacers in this one. I just cleaned and Terrapin X Treated the bearing and it’s running DEAD unresponsive. He’s using it for 5A.

Yep, about 99% of “response” issues can be handled by cleaning the bearing in most cases.
People still don’t get it.

You said that a while ago. I took some time to think about that, and then took it into application. I won’t say percentages, but pretty much most of my “response” issues have been resolved by cleaning the bearing.

I’ve been on a bearing cleaning binge lately. I’m cleaning a couple right now. I’m trying to have my supply of bearings being in good working order. I’m also planning to buy a few more of the shaped bearings, a few more A’s and a spare D to have on hand s well in case I need them.